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Are you looking for a greener, healthier, more weed free lawn!

With your approval, our expert Turf Specialists will perform a FREE no obligation lawn analysis, soil pH test, and service price quote. We will determine why your lawn is not performing at its peak. Then, based on the actual needs of YOUR lawn, we will customize a series of treatments that will enable your lawn to become thicker, greener, and more weed and pest free. We will discuss our findings and recommendation with you, answer any questions you have, and with your approval, we will begin improving the good health and beauty of your lawn.-  Guaranteed!

Expert Lawn Technicians

All Freedom Lawns Technicians are State certified in Turf and Ornamental pest control by the SC Department of Agriculture. Our Freedom Lawns technicians have undergone extensive training in the science of proper turfgrass management and proper customer service. Not many lawn services can make this claim!

The Freedom Lawns Value

Enabling your lawn to reach its fullest potential and keeping  it at that level, requires scientific knowledge and expertise. Why put your lawn in the hands of companies whose main focus is really on grass cutting? Why try to do it yourself with the “trial and error approach “? The Freedom Lawns service is your best value for results, service, and expertise in the region- Guaranteed!

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Greener, healthier, more weed free lawn!

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